Roof inspections

There are many repairs that can be procrastinated over, but roof inspections and leaks should be treated with priority. Your roof is one of the most important components of your winter maintenance programme.

Here at The Building Maintenance Company, we can carry out roof inspections, assessing the integrity of your roof both externally and internally. Highlighting any areas of weakness or concern and helping you come to the right decision for you by presenting you with the options available to you and the potential ramifications of each option.

If you spot water running down the wall or dripping from the ceiling, chances are you’ve got a roof leak (although sometimes a burst pipe is the cause). Leaving leaks because they are ‘only little ones’ or because they ‘don’t seem that major’ can be extremely damaging to your building in the long term. As water seeps into your building the damage it causes will create major headaches for you! If you have items stored in the loft space, they could become damaged causing you wasted time for disposal and money for replacement.

Water ingress into the walls and ceilings will not only damage painting and plaster work but it can also lead to mould and mildew issues. Mould can spread through the building structure and if it manages to get into the heating or ventilation system it can spread quickly. Coming out through the vents the spores can infiltrate carpets and furniture causing further damage if left untreated.

As damp takes hold of the building it can affect the structural integrity of the building. Damaged walls, ceiling joists and rafters can all cause problems, some more severe than others. Fire hazards are also a risk where water gets onto electrical circuits or light fittings.

Don’t delay your roof inspections, it could be more costly than you think!

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