Gutter Cleaning

This is the one everyone talks about, but it does often get put on the back burner. It’s a relatively straight forward task when completed regularly.

Similarly, to water ingress from roof leaks blocked or damaged gutters can cause serious problems as water running down the side of the building can penetrate brick and stone causing damp.

If your building is situated in an area with a lot of trees or bushes, then your gutters are at an increased risk of becoming full of debris. If not cleaned the weight of decomposing vegetation can pull gutters down, block down pipes and in some cases cause blockages. If water becomes trapped in the gutters and down pipes in the colder months, it runs the risk of freezing. When water freezes it expands and can crack pipes, this in turn can lead to repairs being required. Frozen water can lead to gutters falling or icicles forming during freeze-thaw periods of weather, all of which are a health and safety risk if something falls on one of your staff or a member of the general public.

Here at The Building Maintenance Company we are happy to clean and inspect gutters. We can also install gutter covers and hedgehogs to help with the build up of debris.

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