Here at BMC we always aim to leave our customers with a positive experience, or our trademark in the wise words of Jay Danzie. We are often contacted from customers to let us know how brilliant our guys out in the field are as well as the team here in the office. As we specialise on commercial property we are in constant contact with our clients and these sorts of conversations happen naturally.  What doesn’t often happen is when a member of the general public gets in touch with us to let us know how helpful one of our plumbers was when she was stuck with a broken boiler in a hardware store with no idea what to buy.

Taryn connected with us on Facebook to let us know that her and her 9 month old finally woke up warm thanks to the help from our lovely John who spent some time with her when he was picking up some materials. Figuring out what boiler she had, what she needed and what size to get, along with a bit of advice Taryn was able to get her boiler working.  When we got in touch with John to let him know Taryn had been in touch with us and wanted to thank him he simply said ‘there’s no need, why wouldn’t I help her?’. A small gesture from one can make a big difference to another and we are so proud to have such a wonderful team here at BMC.