Maximising  that all important customer footfall through your doors can be the life blood of any business.

Winter can dramatically affect this, and while we all know that snow and ice can cause access problems, how many of us actually prepare in advance for this almost inevitable outcome?  And it’s not just getting access to your building that can be at stake.  Making sure that staff are arriving at work safely is extremely important as a fall on an icy surface can cause serious injuries, absences and potential legal action.

We can supply bags of salt/grit to your premises.

  • In addition to the above we can also supply salt/grit bins to store in a safe location and ensure easy access for staff.
  • Our operatives can attend site, spread salt/grit and clear public pathways, store fronts and doorways to ensure clear access for staff and customers.
  • On a larger scale we can organise snow clearance of car parks and large areas at your locations.