As building maintenance specialists, we have over 25 years experience in helping our customers save money on their maintenance.

Here at The Building Maintenance Company we are always trying to educate and help our customers save money on property maintenance, by providing insightful and experienced recommendations.

We understand that looking after commercial property is an expensive commitment; however, it can be cheaper than you think by following our trusted advice.

How to Save Money on Your Maintenance

Keep a Maintenance Log

If you notice a maintenance issue, no matter how small, record it in a maintenance log. Don’t just overlook problems; make sure you are aware of every issue on your premises.

Keeping a maintenance log allows every member of staff to report maintenance issues and can be used to identify more underlying issues with your building.

How does keeping a maintenance log save you money? Well instead of calling your maintenance company out for individual issues, let the work build up and get them to complete all the work in one go.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

It sounds simple enough to get maintenance issues sorted before they become an emergency or a hazard, but so many people still fail to do so.

Waiting until the last minute means you will always pay more for your maintenance, as emergency call outs always tend to be more expensive.

Find out if your maintenance supplier offers cheaper rates for longer lead times and get those small issues sorted in a timely manner, saving yourself money at the same time.

Is it really an emergency?

Ask yourself, Is it really an emergency? Give your maintenance company a detailed explanation and let them decide.

Listen to your maintenance company, because what you see as an emergency may just be a routine piece of maintenance to the professionals.

An emergency call out with an immediate response (normally 2-4hrs) will always cost you more than a standard reactive job, so make you choose the right response or you’ll end up spending more than you needed to.

Choose One Contractor

By choosing one maintenance contractor you only have one number to call for all of your maintenance needs.

You don’t need to waste anymore time checking the yellow pages or searching through Google, by doing your research and picking a reputable company you avoid any dreaded ‘cowboy builders’.

Choosing one contractor will save you money as you will know exactly what they charge and it will allow you to work with them on planning all of your maintenance work ahead.

Agree Rates in Advance

Once you have chosen your maintenance contractor make sure you agree rates in advance. This will save you money in the long run and be better for your annual budgeting.

Agreeing rates prior to maintenance works being carried means that if an emergency arises or routine maintenance is needed then you exactly what the service will cost.

Most reputable companies will have fixed prices for their services so make sure you agree rates which you are happy to pay.

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