Verisae User Guide

Verisae User Guide

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Verisae Mobile can be accessed via any device with an internet connection

• Open the Verisae link on your tablet
• Next enter your User Name and Password
• Ensure Location Check-in is set to enabled, this will allow the system to automatically provide you with data related to the store you are at
• Finally click Login

Login screen

You will be presented with a prompt asking to confirm your location, if this is correct click Confirm

Location screen

If the store information is incorrect, you can manually select the store by clicking on Change Store and you can then select the store from the list

Choose store screen

• Once logged in you are presented with your dashboard which shows the tiles for the store you have selected
• The tiles are designed to give you a clear overview of the work outstanding and makes it easy to navigate to specific job types based on priority
• To view the work orders in a specific tile, simply click on it and you will be presented with the work order list


• To access the menu, click on the 3 white lines on the top left of the page as shown

Menu (top left)

• The menu will then expand out displaying various options
• To view outstanding work orders, all work orders, etc, click on Service to expand down


• To change location or search select Actions as shown


• Work orders are presented in list view as shown here
• If you are looking for a specific job you can use the filter option on the top right of the page

Work orders

• Once you click on Filter the search box will appear


• Fill in the work order if known
• If you are unsure of the work order you can filter by specific information as shown
• Once you have entered the information click the Search icon on the top right to bring up the work order (s)

Work order

• To view the work order in detail, click anywhere along the line
• The work order Summary page is displayed as below
• There are 4 tabs along the top, Summary, History, Links & Documents

Work order summary

• To view the details of the work order, click on the Work Order Detail section, this will then expand down and display
the work order details

Work order details

• Any work order (s) assigned to you will appear within the “Allocated to Me” tile as shown here
• To review the work orders and/or begin working on them, simply click on the tile

Allocated work orders

• Once you have found the work order you are attending, you will need to put yourself In Progress
• To do this you must first fill in the Work Permit Detail section (please note, the paper copy of the permit to work must still be filled in at store)
• To begin the process, click on Add Permit

Add permit

• You will then be presented with the check list, Contractor Rules, Site Hazards and Risk Assessment
• To complete, tick the boxes as shown below

Check list

• Next, click on Read Contractor Rules, review and then click Ok
• Then click on View Site Hazards – if there is hyperlink ensure this is clicked on, then return to the Site hazards box and click on “I have read and understand”

Site hazards

• Next click on the Risk Assessment drop down and scroll down to the bottom and tick the No Risk Identified box
• Finally click on Save

No risk identified

• You will then be returned to the below page, next click on Edit and then click on Submit


• Once you press Submit you will be returned to the Work Order Summary page, there will now be a section called “Technician Details” – click on the drop down
• To put yourself in progress, simply click on Start Work

Technician details

• The work order status will now show as In Progress

In progress

• To pause the work order for any reason eg further visit, parts etc, click on the Pause Work button and fill in the fields
• To complete the work order, click on Job Complete and fill in all fields and add completion notes

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