Unilever Stock Parts List

Unilever Stock Parts List

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Please see below a list of parts we have in stock that your engineers can order from calling the service mobile phone when they are onsite & assessed the damaged units. If parts are required then engineers need to ring from site to order the part on number (07714 770 877 until further notice).


99PRTLOCK023Replacement door lock Replacement door lock
99PRTMISC486Replacement of door and window handles Replacement of door and window handles
99PRTMISC491Replacement, damper, window Replacement, damper, window
99PRTMISC493Replacement the door and window plumb Replacement the door and window plumb
99PRTMISC494Hinge Replacement Hinge Replacement
99PRTMISC495Replacement of aluminium grates Replacement of aluminium grates
99PRTMISC487Door Replacement CARTE DOR Branded Door Replacement

Serisan trailer

99PRTLOCK024Replacement lock Replacement lock
99PRTMISC498Door Handle Door Handle
99PRTMISC499Metallic Pedal Metallic Pedal
99PRTMISC503 Cold / hot water tap Cold / hot water tap
99PRTMISC504Hand Basin Hand Basin
99PRTMISC505cylindrical sink cylindrical sink
99PRTMISC506head light head light
99PRTMISC509chrome mirror right chrome mirror right
99PRTMISC547Serisan water pumpSerisan water pump

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