PureGym – Engr Verisae Notes

PureGym – Engr Verisae Notes

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1. Introduction

This document is intended to provide further detail to field based staff in the use of Verisae on the PureGym contract.

2. Attending Verisae Tasks

  • Login to Verisae @ https://eam.verisae.co.uk/DataNett/action/mobilePccLogin – Username: Email address – Password: password (unless changed manually by engineer)
  • When you are within 100m of the site (the “geofence”) you will be able to view the task for that site issued to you
  • Select the first task you are completing
    – Click ‘add permit’
    – Click on check H&S question using the grey box to the left of each statement
    – Click on ‘Read Contractor Rules’ (OK)
    – Click on ‘View Site Hazards’ (I have read and understand)
    – Asbestos message.
    – Risk Assessment (Click for drop down menu)
    – Using the left hand ‘toggles’ confirm each statement. If non apply only click on the last statement.
    – Click on SUBMIT.
  • Select ‘Technician Detail’ (drop down menu)
  • Start the job
  • Options of pausing job and Job complete
  • Job Complete
    – Use the menu to provide information (Accident/near miss) etc
    – The fields in orange MUST be completed
    – Notes
  • Save

3. Attending to Multiple Verisae Tasks

  • Login to Verisae and start the first job as stated above.
  • Go to ***** and “PAUSE TASK”

4. Tips

  • Do not close down Verisae to make a phone call or use another app, it will log you out. Use the home button
  • You must click on SUBMIT after doing your work permit

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