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  • RAPAS is no longer required for all jobs correctly logged on and off through Ostara Mobile – 2 x signatures from site are now required instead (pop up screen on the app as engineer works through the job).
  • *PLEASE NOTE* – If you have to use the old ATAS system, you WILL need a RAPAS form as per previous process. (The site may not have a QR code currently and the engineer may be able to use the ATAS system for the time being whilst RAPAS is being faded out).
  • Please encourage the engineers to take relevant photographs to support the job, especially if this could lead to further works or a quotation. These will be uploaded directly to Ostara for the client to view.
  • No mobile data – The app will work offline as long as the engineer has previously clicked on the work order and viewed it. They will be able to progress through the job and Ostara will be updated once their mobiles have data coverage again. Please encourage your engineers to view their Lloyds orders before heading to site just in case there is no data coverage available. They will find the client order number relevant to the job for the site on their app.
  • Materials and costs – the engineer should be able to by-pass the costs screen on the app.
  • App updates – you will need to contact Charlotte Ridley for support with enabling the update.
  • QR Code – MML have advised all pharmacies should now have the QR code, this will be kept in the front of the visitor book.
  • If there is no QR code or RAPAS sheets at site, or the engineer is experiencing difficulties logging on and off the app please contact the MML helpdesk on 08442 254552 where they will be able to log them on/off the job manually.

Leaving site to pick up materials

If the engineer needs to go to the wholesalers on the same day and return to site, they will need to correctly pause and re-start the job by selecting Stop Job and then re-visit required ‘yes’. It will then ask them to select a reason for the revisit, they need to select Parts/Materials Required.

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