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  1.  The tablets have the ability to use both WiFi and 3G/4G
  2.  This means that Internet access is available anywhere that you can attach to a WiFi network or to 3G/4G
  3. They can also be used to make and receive phone calls and to send and receive SMS (text) messages
  4. The tablets have security software installed which strictly limits what can be done with them
  5. You do not have rights to install, change or delete apps or software
  6. All activity on the tablets is logged centrally, including all Internet access (and all websites visited), all phone calls, emails and text messages, location and location history, and all attempts to bypass the security software
  7. Apps and software can only be installed remotely by head office
  8. The screens can be viewed remotely
  9. The tablets can be geo-located remotely (in other words, BMC head office can see exactly where a tablet is at any time)


  • Try to install apps or software on the tablet
  • Access any sites that are not directly related to work
  • View videos on websites or use any music, video or other streaming service
  • Try to bypass the security software in any way
  • Try to switch off GPS
  • Try to change the security PIN
  • Use the tablet for any purpose other than work

Breaking or attempting to break any of the above rules will be treated as a disciplinary offence. This is a business device and is not for private use in any capacity whatsoever.

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