Introduction to apps

Introduction to apps

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Brightness Settings

This allows you to change the brightness of the display.


A calculator.


The camera is set to 2.0M (2 megapixels). Please don’t change this – it’s the optimal setting for uploading photos at an acceptable size while still not using too much data.

You should only use the camera for photos and videos related to work.


This is the web browser. The home icon (see below) will take you to a list of commonly used web sites.


A clock


The CloudFM app. Please see separate documentation.


You can add, delete and edit any contacts here.


This is your BMC email. Please note that you can only send and receive emails to and from other addresses.


Displays all the photos and videos you have taken. You can delete photos from here. Please try and keep the number of photos to a minimum.


This allows you to write short notes and memos.


SMS (text) messages. You should only use this for sending and receiving work related text messages. All text messages are logged centrally and are viewable by BMC staff (even after deletion from the tablet).


All phone records are logged centrally and are viewable by BMC staff.

S Planner

A diary app. You can add appointments and reminders here.

SureMDM Nix

This allows head office to send messages to all tablets or to individual tablets. If you go into the app, you’ll see a mailbox where you can view and reply to messages

There’s also a settings option. Do not try and guess the PIN for this – it’s logged centrally and attempts to guess the PIN flag up a warning.

WiFi Center

See here for more information on WiFi

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