General Procedure in relation to Covid-19

General Procedure in relation to Covid-19

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BMC Operatives

The Building Maintenance Company takes the safety of its employees very seriously and in the current climate it is essential that we all work safely in relation to covid-19 to protect our workforce and to contain the spread of the virus.

All BMC Operatives will be provided with the following PPE:

Latex gloves
Plastic visor
Hand sanitiser

Risk Assessments

A Risk Assessment has been created to cover working on customer sites.  This should be made site specific and completed before starting work on any of our customers’ premises.

A mask and gloves should be worn on arrival at all sites. 

The 2m distancing rule is to be maintained wherever possible.  Where this is not possible, but it is deemed safe to continue working, the full face visor should also be worn.  We also recommend that the visor is worn when working in a care home or similar environment, depending on the outcome of your risk assessment i.e. whether you are working in a public area or an area occupied by vulnerable people.

If, on completion of the risk assessment, it is not deemed safe to work despite the use of additional PPE, you should leave site and inform the BMC Helpdesk immediately providing reasons why you are unable to carry out the work.  You will be asked by the Helpdesk what action needs to be taken to mitigate the risks enough so that work can be rescheduled.  This information will be relayed to the client.

The same applies if you do not feel safe while working e.g. others on site are not maintaining a 2m distance, despite you politely requesting that they do so.

2-Man Jobs

  1. If you are attending 2-man jobs, 2m distancing measures should be adhered to wherever possible.  Where not possible, full PPE should be worn and working at less than 2m distance should be limited to 15 minute periods.
  2. Tools must not be shared with colleagues.
  3. Only 1 Operative is to use a company van at any one time.  Company vehicles are not to be shared or swapped without prior permission from a Director.

Handling Materials

  1. When handling materials, either gloves should be worn or you must wash or sanitise your hands straight afterwards, before touching anything else, especially your face.

Hired in Plant

  1. When handling hired in plant, either gloves should be worn or you must wash or sanitise your hands straight afterwards, before touching anything else, especially your face.

General Comment

1      Remember that customers are not to sign your tablets upon completion of the jobs. Just get their first and last name (as already instructed).
2      Even if a customer says it is ok to reduce these safety measures you must not do so.
3      Certain clients may have increased safety measures/rules that you need to follow in order to enter their sites. This of course must be done.
4      If a particular situation occurs that you feel is not covered in our Covid Procedure then please contact your Supervisor and if needed they will contact our Manager responsible for Health and Safety or a Director for clarification and communication.

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