Covid 19 Risk Assessment Form

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Form

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How to fill in this form

  1. All fields are required
  2. Choose the initial Consequence and Frequency. Multiply the two together and pick the resultant Risk Rating
  3. For example, “3-Critical” and “4-Probable” gives a Risk Rating of 12 (3 x 4), so you’d pick “9-12 Substantial” in the Risk Rating dropdown box
  4. Tick each of the “People Affected” boxes that apply
  5. Select the After Control drop downs as above
  6. Use the “RA Created By” drop down to choose the person who created this RA
  7. Enter the site details
  8. Enter the site or customer email address. This is the person who will receive the RA. It is NOT a BMC staff member
  9. Enter the date the RA was created
  10. Tick “I’m not a robot”
  11. Click Submit
  12. A PDF will be generated and emailed to the address you specified in step 7. You can also download the PDF to your tablet for your own records
  13. Please note that it can take up to 20 minutes for the PDF to be emailed

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Form



Working on a customer's site/premises that is open to the public e.g. retail outlet

Potential Hazards

Lack of control could lead to an increased risk of transmission of Covd-19

RISK RATING: Consequence x Frequency = Risk Rating
People Affected

1.Awareness & Training for Employees: Employees to be reminded of how to implement the control measures on other sites & to report any concerns they have.
2.Confirm all Concerned are Symptom Free: On the day of work there will be checks to confirm that customer/clients & employees are not displaying any symptoms. If any are then work WILL NOT GO AHEAD.
3.Dynamic Risk Assessment Conducted: Contact will be made in advance with site by our Helpdesk as to what control measures are in place & what else needs to be in place. If an Operative arrives on-site & they are not satisfied control measures are effective or people appear symptomatic then the employee will leave the site immediately & report to the BMC Helpdesk. The job will be rescheduled once guidelines have been met.
4.Good Hand Washing/Hygiene Procedures Observed: Hands will be washed upon arrival & before leaving the premises as well as after using a tissue to capture coughs & sneezes. Sanitiser may be used in addition or in the absence of soap & water.
5.PPE Issued, Worn & Kept in Good Condition: Appropriate PPE as advised by the Government will be worn in accordance with instructions. This will be maintained & cleaned where appropriate using disinfectant or disposed of correctly in line with current advice. PPE such as face masks & gloves should not be introduced as a control measure for managing the risk of COVID-19 unless the risk assessment shows it is required where all other social distancing measures are not possible.
6.Social Distancing Adhered to: Where at all practicable, social distancing of 2m adhered to at all times by all people throughout the visit.If 2m distance is not possible, full PPE will be worn to include plastic visor & gloves. If this is deemed inadequate, works will be rescheduled for a quieter period. Use of signs, markers & announcements to remind people of the requirements.


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