CBES On-site Guidelines for Cooperative Funeralcare and Stores

CBES On-site Guidelines for Cooperative Funeralcare and Stores

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  1. Engineers must advise that they are attending on behalf of CBES

  2. Engineers must phone the CBES Helpdesk on arrival AND on departure on 0844 209 7480 and quote the CBES job reference i.e. 7403109 to log on/off the job each day they are on site. The helpdesk is manned 24/7 so this still needs to be done on OOH emergency jobs

  3. Whist on the telephone the asbestos questions should be answered as ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, then all other questions will be job specific

  4. Job completion & close down: engineers must ask the store to sign your paperwork, phone the Helpdesk to provide an update on the job status (Fixed or Outstanding) and advise the person who signed your paperwork. The time of the call will be used as offsite time

  5. If the job is not complete (Outstanding) they will ask for one of the following job statuses :- 1. Awaiting materials 2. Awaiting Plant Condition. 3. Awaiting Access. 4. Store request delay 5. Adverse weather conditions. If the job is fixed they will ask what caused the fault and what we did to fix the job

  6. N.B Quote turnaround is 3 days IF POSSIBLE

If you are unable to get through to the CBES Helpdesk, please let our Helpdesk know.

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