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Engineers user guide

Logging into the App

1. Go to URL:

2. Enter your Concerto Username & Password, then click ‘ Login’.


Once logged in, you will be directed to the below page, where you will see a list of jobs currently assigned to yourself (the engineer). 

In order to refresh this page, click ‘Sync’. (Your device will require internet access to Sync data).

Start Job

When you (the engineer) have arrived on site, you will need to ‘Start job’ . To do this:

1.Sync your device & find the required job.
2.Click into the job & the select ‘Action’.

The call button will allow you to call the site direct from your device.

3. Select ‘Start Job’ from the dropdown

4. Enter any notes (eg. Attended) & sign in with the site – the site will need to sign to confirm you are onsite & the works have begun.

5. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Save and sync’. The Status of the Job will then update to ‘Attended’.

Save – you can use this button whilst your device has no internet connection, you will however need to sync once you have connected to the internet for Concerto to update with the data.

Save and sync – this will save your progress & update Concerto whilst you are onsite (this can only be done if your device has an internet connection).

Additional Visit Required

At the end of your site visit, you will need to sign out of the job – either by selecting: Additional visit required or Work Complete.

If a further visit is required to complete the works, select ‘Additional visit required’. To do this:

1. Click Action against the job & then choose this option from the dropdown.

2. Add any notes you may have & sign out with the customer on site. 

3. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Sync’, depending on whether your device has an internet connection.

Start Return Visit

To begin your return visit:

1. Select ‘Action’ on the relevant job.

2. Select ‘Start return visit’ from the dropdown & sign in with the site.

Complete Job

Once all of the necessary visits have been carried out & the works are finished, you will need to mark the order as complete.

To do this:

1. Select ‘Action’ against the job.

2. Select ‘Work complete’ from the dropdown.

3. Enter any notes you may have. There is then a section for the client on site to complete (outlined in red, below), before signing to confirm the works are complete.

4. If you have any photos of the works carried out, you can attach these by clicking ‘Choose file’.

5. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Sync’, depending on whether your device has internet connection. If you do not have internet access & select ‘Save’, you will need to Sync your device once you have internet connection, the data will then populate into Concerto.

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