If you’re planning on opening your doors to your staff or to the public in the near future, we can help you get your workplace ready. You might like to consider the following safety measures:

  • Supply and installation of Perspex screens for office and retail environments
  • Warning signs – wall mounted and free-standing
  • 2m distance floor stickers and tape
  • Wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Rehanging doors for one-way systems so they only open one way
  • Putting up temporary or permanent partitions
  • Changing taps in kitchens and toilets to hands-free operation
  • Adding locks to the outer door of toilets so the whole toilet area can be locked rather the just the cubicles
  • “Room in Use” indicator lights for toilets, kitchens and other shared rooms
If you would like to discuss how BMC can assist you please contact us in the usual way by emailing or calling 0845 9010150