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The Building Maintenance Company would like to announce that we have recently won the reactive and planned maintenance contract for The Salvation Army across the North East, Yorkshire and the North West of England. We are obviously delighted with this success in its own right but also

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Emergency Reactive Property Maintenance

The freak weather we have experienced this July has led to an increased number of emergency call-outs for the time of year, due mainly to heavy rain and unexpectedly strong winds. This has brought us back to this post from mid 2014 where we explained the benefits of having

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Commercial Property Coverage 2015

Commercial Property Coverage 2015 The Building Maintenance Company offers extensive coverage to all types of commercial properties from the Central Scotland down to the Midlands. Our coverage map below highlights all of the postcodes that we cover with a highly experienced team of directly employed maintenance:   We

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The Building Maintenance Company is moving!

We’re moving offices From Monday 8th June 2015 we’ll be in our new offices at: The Clay Pit 50 Walker Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1BG Our new phone number will be 0845 901 0150 All our other contact details (email, Twitter, Facebook, mobile phone numbers) will

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Cutting Costs on Commercial Property Maintenance

In our latest blog we ask the question: Is it wise to cut costs on your commercial property maintenance? The simple answer is yes, cutting your maintenance costs is a very sensible and wise move. In our experience, most customers tend to wait until their maintenance is

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Emergency Property Maintenance Cover – Commercial Buildings

An emergency normally leads to panic, it is human nature. What do I do? And who do I call? These can be very common questions, especially if an emergency occurs at your place of work. When we talk about ‘Emergency Building Maintenance Cover’, we aren’t talking about

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PPM – Planned Commercial Property Maintenance 2015

We currently have a special offer on our planned maintenance packages and guarantee to offer you a complete service, that takes care of all of you maintenance needs and saves you at least 10% on your annual maintenance spend. Allow The Building Maintenance Company to take complete

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Money Saving Advice on Commercial Property Maintenance

As building maintenance specialists, we have over 25 years experience in helping our customers save money on their maintenance. Here at The Building Maintenance Company we are always trying to educate and help our customers save money on property maintenance, by providing insightful and experienced recommendations. We

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External Property Maintenance Checklist

At The Building Maintenance Company we always recommend that you complete regular maintenance checks and in turn carry out the required maintenance. Routine, ongoing and preventative maintenance is essential in making sure your property is in a good state of repair and adopting these practices can avoid

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The Building Maintenance Company provides a fast and reliable property maintenance service to our customers throughout the UK.

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